Project: Shortly before last X-mas I was thinking about what to make as a gift to my family and friends. Having little time to make something individual for everyone, and little money to buy things, I decided to create a wall calendar for them. This is how this self-initiated work came about.
Living as a digital nomad, away from friends and family, makes it hard to be there for the people you care about the most, when they're going through tough times. I wanted to create something that will have motivational power and the potential to lift the spirit, throughout the whole year. So I selected pieces of my personal 'manifesto' - which I am about to illustrate as a typographic artwork series soon - and made these 12 colourful calendar posters for an A3 format.
Client: you! ;)
Format: A3 size wall calendar, printed on thick paper
Tools: Adobe InDesign - Illustrator - Photoshop

Having produced a few more than given away, you still have the chance to grab a copy of this calendar for yourself! ;)
The price is 9,95€ per piece (excl. shipping costs).
Orders will be taken via mail ( until the end of March 2017!

Thanks for viewing!
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